b.loop is an interactive platform designed for information updates and engagement between the BCAP shareholders and the professional investment team.

Now since we have crowd-sourced the capital, we want to take this a step further, and leverage our shareholders to help source deals, participate in due diligence, place job openings of portfolio companies and help analyze future investments into the BCAP portfolio

Primary Features

Your vote matters

Your vote helps us analyse the community sentiment towards the proposed projects, furthermore we appreciate and welcome constructive feedback.

Development Progress


Rewarded engagement

Get involved! Provide us with constructive feedback on the community projects or write articles in the knowledge base section and you will be awarded with reputation points that you can later use in your own benefit.

Development Progress


Due Diligence Marketplace

Start buying! Using your reputation points, you will be able to buy tasks all over our marketplace. The price you will pay will vary and will be directly proportional with the difficulty of the task. But so will be the reward.

Development Progress



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