BCAP Token upgrade

BCAP Token upgrade

Dear BCAP Token holder

Thanks for your patience as we partnered with Securitize to upgrade the BCAP token. We are pleased to inform you that the BCAP Token Upgrade Dashboard is now open. The goal of this process is to enable exchanges to trade the BCAP token.

The Token Upgrade Process is required for all BCAP token holders and will allow BCAP token holders to receive their upgraded BCAP tokens (if they have not yet received them). All original BCAP tokens that have not been upgraded will be frozen and of no further economic or trading value in approximately 4 weeks. As such, we suggest that you begin your Token Upgrade process now.

Please click on the “Token Upgrade” link below to access the Dashboard and start your BCAP
Token Upgrade process. On the Dashboard, you will be guided through all steps of the process.
Please also see below for additional Token Upgrade information.


Token Upgrade Information

We are requiring this Token Upgrade in order to ensure that BCAP token holders can hold and transfer their BCAP Tokens in a manner that is compliant with applicable regulatory requirements and consistent with the transfer restrictions set forth in the offering memorandum accompanying the initial issuance of the tokens.

Depending on whether you are a U.S. person or not and whether we have KYC/AML information from you from the initial BCAP Token offering, you will be required to provide any missing identifying information, clear any required checks such as accredited or qualified investor status and update your KYC/AML information.

In addition, to receive your upgraded BCAP Tokens, you will be required to create an Ether wallet or register an Ether wallet that you already own. If you currently hold BCAP Tokens in a wallet that you own, you will be asked to register that wallet in order to upgrade the BCAP Tokens held in that wallet.

For additional information, please follow the Dashboard wizard for the upgrade process or see the FAQ link on the Dashboard.

We are excited to complete this upgrade process.
Many thanks for your participation.

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  1. Has anyone had success registering their wallet? I have gone through the process but the securitize dashboard has not updated and still asks me to “Register a new wallet”.

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