Blockchain Capital Releases Q3 2017 BCAP Token NAV

Blockchain Capital Releases Q3 2017 BCAP Token NAV

San Francisco — October 1, 2017— Blockchain Capital, the premier venture capital firm investing in blockchain technology companies, today announces that the NAV of each BCAP token as of September 31, 2017, is $1.55, based on the NAV of the underlying VC fund, Blockchain Capital III Digital Liquid Venture Fund, LP. Weekly NAV updates can be found at

The Portfolio:

Augur / REP
Bancor Network / BNT
Bitcoin / BTC
Bitcoin Cash / BCH / EOS
Civic / CVC
Ether / ETH
Filecoin / FIL
PowerLedger / POWR
Ripple / XRP
Tierion / TNT
(Undisclosed Pre-ICO)
(Undisclosed Pre-ICO II)
UnikoinGold / UKG
ZeroEx / ZRX


We are hard at work growing the number of exchanges that can trade the BCAP token. However, because the BCAP token is a security, many popular exchanges have been hesitant to trade BCAP.

Liqui will no longer trade BCAP tokens as of October 5th.

The good news is that the trail that Blockchain Capital blazed in creating the BCAP token has led to dozens of upcoming ICOs for tokenized securities. This new category of tokens is giving rise to a new class of exchanges that are dedicated to trading tokenized securities. We are in contact with many of these exchanges and hope they will be able to trade BCAP tokens in the near future.

The Blockchain Capital team appreciates the trust and support of the BCAP token holders, and we are committed to earning that trust each day by executing on our investment strategy.

BCAP token holders are encouraged to register and visit for current information, investment discussions, or to contact the team.

About Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Capital is the premier venture capital firm investing in blockchain technology companies. Launched in 2013, Blockchain Capital’s initial fund was the first venture capital fund dedicated to the

Bitcoin / blockchain ecosystem, and was also the first VC firm to raise a VC fund through an ICO. Blockchain Capital is a sector specific, multi-stage, venture capital firm that seeks to gain diverse exposure to the blockchain ecosystem through investments in both equities of blockchain-based start- ups as well as crypto currencies and tokens. For more information, please email, visit, follow @blockchaincap, or call 415-677-5340.

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  1. I certainly hope the Q4 NAV will actually show details on position sizes, entries, exits, etc. My 8 year old could do a better job reporting on a multi million dollar fund. Your investors understand some positions need to be kept confidential… not all.

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