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By submitting a business plan or other materials (collectively, a “Proposal”) to Blockchain Capital, LLC (“us” or “we”), you are certifying that you are the rightful owner of such Information and are otherwise fully authorized to submit the Information to us.  Your submission of a Proposal to us does not create any obligation (financial or otherwise) on usunless and until a definitive agreement related to the Proposal is mutually executed.

It is in our sole discretion whether to enter into negotiations with you.  In the event other parties submit proposals that are similar or identical to your Proposal, we may negotiate with such other parties and not you.  All copies of Proposals become the property of Blockchain Capital, LLC to use it as we determine in our sole discretion, and may not be returned to you.

Be advised that Proposals will not be treated as confidential information.  Therefore, you may not want to provide us with information you deem confidential.  Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to all Proposal submissions, but we will reach out to you if we wish to discuss your submission further.