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    FYI everyone – allows you to trade BCAP. It’s a de-centralized exchange, pairing buyers/sellers Craigslist style. Enjoy! Btw, I am looking to buy more BCAP. Feel free to private message me.

    • Ill happily sell

    • hi! could you explain me the steps for me to transfer my bcap tokens from liqui to asap? you can pm me: thank you in advance.

      • 1. Create a “myetherwallet” (“MEW”)
        2. Transfer BCAP from Liqui IO to “MEW”
        3. If the token do not show up (bottom right) add BCAP to MEW (bottom right) so that they are visible
        4. Go to “etherdelta” aka (“ED”). Import MEW (top left) with your address and private key
        5. select BCAP from drop down menu list of token, select BCAP, your MEW balance will be visible in ED under the “wallet” column
        6 To trade on ED within the ED website first “deposit” BCAP from “Wallet” to “etherdelta” this will take 2 min – 60 mins to go through
        7. Once they show up you can now trade your BCAP to ETH on ED

        • Thank you very much for your time and your help.
          I sent my BCAPs to my MEW address. On the side of MEW however, I could not add “BCAP” and got following information: “Not a valid ERC-20 token BCAP”.

          Are you sure that is ERC20? If not, will I loose my tokens?

          Thank you!