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    Happy new year @brad & Blockchain capital team,

    Any updates on when the Q4 NAV report for 2018 will be published. Eagerly waiting for the NAV report.

    • Thank you for the updated NAV 🙂

      • If we make assumption that core crypto is split 50:50, which is probably wrong but hey – (imagine they lean more towards btc) then btc fell from 6625 to 3700 and eth 232 to 130 (rough numbers). This would mean the $.635 that as in core crypto at end of q3 was worth $.177 (btc) + $.178 (eth) or $.355. As new value as of q4 report is $.56256 then they’ve pumped $.21 of the cash into core crypto and looks like $0.26 into the Coinbase and Securitize rounds of which majority is prob into Coinbase round. These numbers are undoubtedly off as haven’t thought about impact of performance fees etc. but should be right ballpark.