• cc45 posted an update in the group Group logo of BCAP PortfolioBCAP Portfolio 5 months, 1 week ago

    How is it possible that the most recent NAV released October 9th 2017 states 1.51 USD, however tokens are trading at 0.96?? This whole thing stinks like shit and brock pierse is an absolute crook!

    • because people are stupid and sell at such a low price. that is my statement to your question

      • Yes, this is a big issue. I asked, who is doing client support, why the price difference is so high and got following answer:

        “As described in the Offering Memorandum, if you purchased the BCAP tokens in the original sale, there is no reporting outside of the NAV and the list of investments. We moved from a quarterly NAV report to a weekly report on We made no other assurances about the price of the token. We only report the NAV based on the underlying fund. How the market affects the price of the token is outside of our control.

        We are hard at work, diligencing and making investments within the fund and the NAV reflects the success of those investments so far. This is a venture capital fund, it is not a hedge fund. Investments are made over time and the success of those investments is reflected in the NAV”.

        The question is: how can I sell my tokens for the NAV price?

        • I think this will depend on whether BCAP will provide a service for us to sell the tokens with price corresponding to the underlying NAV or not.

          • thank you marco. question is: do you think bcap will provide that. BCAP NAV is 1,51. which choices I would have today, if I want to sell it to a closer price. Only etherdelta? Thanks

            • I personally hope that BCAP will provide a buyback at some point in the future. Would be nice to hear official voices about this topic. Currently you can only trade on Etherdelta as far as I know. But last official statement included an information about potantial new exchanges,

        • Mark replied 5 months ago

          You can’t, unless you find someone who wants to buy them. Currently they are trading for way less than NAV on EtherDelta. I would buy more.