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    Does anyone have a list of the historical weekly NAVs since they started publishing? What I wanted to try to determine is whether the BCAP filecoin holding is being marked at the pre-sale price they got entry at or has been marked to where the public sale finsished at. I’m 99% it should still be at pre-sale but wanted to try and verify

    • Final price of a Filecoin token was $4.96. This is nearly 7x the maximum price paid by investors in the pre-sale VC funding round. Assuming 5% of the BCAP portfolio in filecoin that is almost a $0.3 increase in Nav just waiting to happen when filecoin goes live.

    • Well, although bcap not officially stated they got in at the pre-sale, from press reports all the other VC did eg a16z & USV, so can’t believe that BCAP didn’t as well