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    Item Name:
    ISO9001 OEM China professional various types sheet metal parts manufacturer customized high precision laser cutting service
    Quality Assurance:
    ISO9001 Certified
    Machining Equipment:
    Laser Cutting Machine/CNC Shearing Machine/Flat Bed Spot-welder/Die Grinder/Steel Processing Machine/Double Servo Turret-type Punch Press/Banding Machine/Steel Processing Machine/etc.
    Materials :
    Carbon steel/Mild steel/Cold roll steel/Hot roll steel/Zinc plate/Stainless
    steel/Aluminum/SECC/SGCC/SPCC/SPHC/Other metal
    We handle many other type of materials. Please contact us if your required material is not listed above.
    Surface Treatment:
    Blacking,polishing,anodize,chrome plating,zinc plating,nickel plating,tinting
    File Formats:
    Solid Works,Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD(DXF,DWG), PDF,TIF etc.

    Equipment Model Machining Accuracy Qty
    Machining Center 1080 ±0.003 mm 3
    Machining Center 1080 ±0.002 mm 2
    Machining Center 600 ±0.002 mm 2
    EDM 230 ±0.002 mm 3
    WEDM AQ360L ±0.002 mm 1
    WEDM AQ560L ±0.002 mm 1
    Optics Curve Grinding Machine ±0.001 mm 2
    Grinding Machine HF-618S ±0.001 mm 8
    The Floods Grinding Machine 84EN ±0.003 mm 2
    Surface grinding machine 614 ±0.001 mm 2
    Milling Machine ±0.02 mm 5
    Fast wire CNC wire cutting Machine 550 ±0.05 mm 4
    Three Coordinates Detector G2 776 RDS ±0.002 mm 1
    Two Dimensional Altimeter MITUTOYO ±0.002 mm 1
    Tool Microscope MITUTOYO ±0.002 mm 2
    Projector CPJ-3015Z ±0.001 mm 4
    Cutting Plotter 1
    Altimeter MITUTOYO D-F150 ±0.001 mm 6
    Altimeter MITUTOYO D-F150 ±0.001 mm 4
    Callipers MITUTOYO ±0.01 mm 10
    Digital display instrument 50-100 ±0.001 mm 6
    Slip gauge 108 Level 0 4
    Compass 95 Level 0 4
    1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
    We are a professional manufacturer with over 15 years’ export experience for designing and producing machin precision machining parts.
    2. How can I get some samples?
    If you need, we are glad to offer you samples for free, but the new clients are expected to pay the shipping cost, and the charge will be deducted from the payment for formal order.
    3. Can you make cnc machining parts according to our drawing?
    Yes, we can make cnc machining parts according to your drawing, 2D drawing, or 3D cad model. If the 3D cad model can be supplied, the development of the tooling can be more efficient. But without 3D, based on 2D drawing we can still make the samples properly approved.
    4. Can you make cnc machining parts based on our samples?
    Yes, we can make measurement based on your samples to make drawings for tooling making
    5. What’s your quality control device in house?
    We have spectrometer in house to monitor the chemical property, tensile test machine to control the mechanical property and UT Sonic as NDT checking method to control the detect under the surface of cnc machining parts
    China Sheet Metal Parts factory