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    ● Working Principle
    The powder compound feed in bin enters the conditioner from the feeder through a magnetic separating device. With steam piped into conditioner, the feed is conditioned and mixed with steam and enters the pellet chamber through the feed chute, and is fed to two pelleting sections inside the die by a deflector. Because of high speed rotation of die, the feed is driven to between die and roller. Under the forceful extrusion, the feed is extruded solid and takes shape in the die hole. Since the extrusion of feed between die and roller is continuous, the shaped feed extrudes constantly from the die hole in shape of column, and then is cut to pellets of required proper length to the next process.
    ● Belt Drive
    Stable two-motor timing belt drive, large torque but low noise; optimized area-to-power ratio of ring die, maximum output. As belt drive, the ring die rotary line speed is controlled for higher efficiency of small shrimp pellet output.
    ● Extra Long Condition Time
    DDC conditioner with double standard conditioners, the keeping time can reach 120s for highest quality shrimp feed.
    ● Steam Adding Pipes
    ● Optional Assistant Device
    Feed quality optimization System, controlling the feed moisture online.
    The door cover spraying system, adding various nutritive elements.
    Automatic lubrication;
    Ring die lifting device, safe and time-saving.Feed Main Machinery supplier