• Freddy Wong posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Trip Planner

    If you consider yourself to be a frequent world traveler, take vacations, or simply have way too many business trips on your plate, we have a great set of apps that you will certainly need to get you through all the chaos that comes along with traveling. Trip Planner is one of three apps produced by developer Robert Smith from https://appreviewsubmit.com/ that will help manage everything you need to be prepared as you travel. With Trip Planner you will have all the tools you need to plan your travel plans with start and end dates of your trip as well as keeping tabs on important events that transpire throughout your trip such as, finances, luggage, a to-do list, and notes you may need to jot down in a pinch. Trip Planner easily gives you the power to be properly prepared while traveling by allowing you to plan, track, and manage all your activities as you travel all in the palm of your hand.

    Overall I found Trip Planner to be an extremely useful app that provides great tools that will make traveling a lot less stressful as it gives you the power to plan your trips accordingly to make sure things run much smoother and with ease of mind knowing you’ve planned ahead. A few minor suggestions for future updates we’d like to see in place would be the ability to check off a completed to-do task rather than simply delete it so users can see what they’ve done throughout their trip. Also when choosing a start & end date for a trip, the user should be able to click the actual day rather than the have to click the day after for the appropriate day to show. Trip Planner is currently available on the App Store for $2.39 USD along with 2 great in app purchases that will allow you to buy the developers other 2 traveling apps that form a great set to have as you travel.

    Mutu: Project Autumn

    If you enjoy 2D puzzler platform games on your mobile devices then we have one in store for today with Mutu: Project Autumn. In Mutu, your objective is to get your character to a goal cube in the least amount of jumps by manipulating the boards environment via a rocket launcher while jumping and dodging your way to the cube. Mutu has 140 levels of puzzle excitement as you progress through each level in attempt to earn platinum, gold, & bronze medals based on the amount of jumps needed to reach the goal cube. One of really nice things we liked about the game is its challenging atmosphere in planning out the best route to reach your goal. Another good thing about Mutu is that given the fact it is a free app the developer chose not to add those annoying pop up ads throughout the game.

    Overall I found Mutu to be a fun game that presents a good challenge for all ages. With 140 levels, in-game unlockables, and the strategy aspect of the game, Mutu will keep you busy for hours. The one suggestion I would give would be to tighten up the jumping controls a bit. On the first few levels you are given a guide angle to show where you’re going to jump to but once that guide is gone it becomes really difficult to pull off jumps as well as double jumps to land where you expect to land. As noted in the video review, Mutu is currently available for Free both on the App Store as well as Google Play so make sure to click the iTunes link below to download it today.