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    I hope they give some sort of reply!

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    How do you know filecoin would be marked at cost? What about ripple? ( They have an investment in the company right?)

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    Yes, would love to know this too. Is anyone from the company even reading this?

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    Hi David. How do you know how they are valuing Filecoin etc? I can’t find that information. I would love to know where to find it 🙂

    • For any of the ico’s where the token hasn’t started trading yet – the 3 I mentioned, they will have to mark at cost, anything trading on exchanges is marked to market – this is fairly standard market convention. I asked someone from the bcap team about this at Consensus:Invest and they confirmed that was their policy but I don’t believe it is…[Read more]

      • For their VC/equity investments lets say they invest in Series A, they have to mark it at cost until the Series B round of funding at which point they can revalue.

        • JD replied 9 months ago

          Thanks for the clarification David – are you not concerned at all from the complete lack of communication from the team? I just wanted to understand why they haven’t been providing their investors with any sort of updates.

        • JD – couldn’t reply to your post for some reason. It goes without saying the communication from the team here is abysmal relative to other crypto projects and poor relative to traditional finance funds. It would be great if they decided to treat token-holders in a similar manner to their lps in the non-tokenised part of fund who I imagine get…[Read more]

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    has this always been the case?

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    Any Idea why BCAP trades well below its Net Asset Value? On Etherdelta its around $2.60 but the NAV it is $3.19?

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