• Michal posted an update in the group Group logo of BCAP PortfolioBCAP Portfolio 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi. Does anyone has problem transferring BCAP tokens from Treasury wallet to a new registered wallet on The “Transfer to wallet” link does not work there, and support does not answer my emails :/ Any ideas what’s going on?

    • Hi Michal,

      I believe that feature does not work as expected. I tried the same. I had a chat with the Securitize team on Twitter and they mentioned that they are manually issuing the tokens. So whenever they issue the next lot your tokens then they might issue you the same.

      I believe you (like me) are one of the ICO investors who did not move the tokens to your wallet?

      • Hi BitHoncho, thank you for your answer.

        Yes, I bought my BCAP during the ICO. Then I have them upgraded to the new version, and they are hold in TREASURY wallet on my account with the status ‘Ready’. Now I’m trying to move it to a wallet I have full control of, but because of this fault, I can’t 🙁

        I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Do you mean that despite “Ready” status, the tokens may still not be properly manually transferred by Securitize team yet?

        So I should just wait?

        • Hi Michal,

          Basically the transfer to wallet functionality is not ready. It is more like a mockup on the website. Your tokens are with the securitize team. They are holding those tokens for the ICO holders. You could contact them on their twitter handle. But my 2 cents – I won’t be that worried. They are the issuer of the securtized token and will maintain the custody.

          Happy to help.

          • Now I see, thank you BitHoncho. It seems to be a super confusing UI, with a feature that doesnt work yet and no explanation about it at all :/
            Anyway, let’s wait then.