NAV Communication, Buyback Updates, Sentiment Page

NAV Communication, Buyback Updates, Sentiment Page

BCAP Investors,

Thank you for your investment in BCAP tokens. You are an important part of our success to date and we sincerely appreciate you.

In response to your requests, and in the spirit of providing increased transparency, we have decided to publish the BCAP NAV (technically the NAV of Blockchain Capital III Digital Liquid Venture Fund, LP – the “BCAP Fund”) on a weekly basis. At noon PST, every Monday on blockchainloop, we will post the new NAV. We also have additional announcements to share with you, as follows:

Current NAV

The current NAV of the BCAP Fund as of August 28th is: $1.64.

Buyback Policy

We would like to make you aware of the BCAP Fund’s buyback policy, as follows: The BCAP Fund reserves the right to purchase BCAPs any time they trade below the last publicly announced NAV.

Sentiment Page

Finally, we’d like to highlight the new section on blockchainloop titled, “Sentiment”. This new area allows our BCAP holders to “up-vote” or “down-vote” specific ICO’s that are in the market. And, if you are excited about an ICO and you don’t see it available for voting, we have added the ability for users to add ICOs to this page for voting.

Stay tuned for many more exciting upgrades and ways to collaborate with the BCAP community on blockchainloop over the next few weeks!

As always, we welcome your feedback on these new changes and thank you for your ongoing support.

The BCAP Team


14 thoughts on “NAV Communication, Buyback Updates, Sentiment Page”

  1. Hello Blockchain Capital

    Are you able to give us a little more information regarding the following;

    How much Cash is the fund currently holding?
    Regarding Investments in Ripple/Block.One, are these Equity or Token (or Both) investments?
    How many investments should we expect in total in the Fund? And when will the fund be fully vested?
    Is the investment clip fairly standardised, or is there quite a bit of deviation depending on the given deal?

    My anticipation was in rough terms, 20 Investments of $500k, however I understand that this is not necessarily possible, but boardly, is this a rough target?


    Happy to prove my BCap holding in private if necessary.

  2. Hello BCAP-Team, thanks for your great work on updating us and providing the NAV on a weekly Basis. This will increase the transparency of our Investment and the buy-back-process. I like the ICO voting idea. Perhaps you can update us, in which pre-ICO deals you are involved after the closing, so we can Profit a little bit from your Research 🙂

  3. one of the only exchanges where you could trade bcap will delist them. Price is already verry low? so what will happen with our Investment if we are not able to trade those Tokens anymore ?

  4. Can you please release the terms of the buyback policy? At what price If below NAV will Blockchain Capital have the right to buyback at?

  5. Would really appreciate a response from the team as to why the de-listing happened? And what would be the future of BCAP tokens on other exchanges? (with timelines). As you can appreciate, it is disconcerting times for the BCAP investors.. @brad and @spencerbogart

    1. Hello, this messages has been posted by Brad in BCAP Portfolio group two days ago

      “BCAP holders, we are very aware of the problems at Liqui exchange, and we are actively in negotiations with additional alternative exchanges to trade the BCAP token. We are opportunistic that we will find liquidity solutions and will continue to update you in the coming weeks.”

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